Thursday, July 23, 2009

60's~ 70's Groovy Disco Party

All ready for the party tonight, here's some of the goodies:

the invite

the awards

the goody bags~
CD 70's tunes, disco ball, Groovy playing cards, bowling game, homemade tie dye socks, peace necklace, bracelets, & a peace pencil

we decided to make the tie dye socks, since it's summer & some may come in flip flops & need socks for bowling~ all kids love tie dye right?, made the packaging in photoshop.

Thank you window clings~
these were going to go in the treat bags, but Alyssa had the brilliant idea to send them with thank-yous, so i'm ahead of the game now ;)


Christine said...

Cute stuff!! Love cosmic bowling!! Have fun and Happy Birthday Alyssa!!

MeganAring said...

These are all too much fun!!

Kim said...

this party looks like too much fun! great job on everything....especially love the trophies and the tie-dyed socks....the goodie bags are full of some cool loot too!

Stacy said...

Klauer crack me up. Very cool stuff. Makes me want to go bowling to. Great awards. Can't wait to see the blonde babe that was at the party!!!!!! Post a pic tonight.

Ginger's Camo Page said...

Everything is so Groovy!! I am lovin the tie-dyed socks - excellent idea!! Happy Birthday Alyssa!

meganklauer said...

Everything is so awesome! Your girls have the "grooviest" mom! ;0)