Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Room for Improvement......

Cleaning out notebooks , came across this journaling from a layout in Scrapbooks ect. August/ September 06' issue:

I am not a perfect mama. Far from it. Any hope for me receiving Mother of the Year was wiped out when, after the first snowstorm, I sent you to school with no gloves or snowpants.
I constantly struggle with the demands society places on mothers. (Why do i have to drive a mini van? And issue those annoying time outs? or wear high waisted pants? or stop watching MTV?)I've read the parenting books, listened to the experts and amongst all the theories, I've learned one thing: there exists no perfect formula for raising kids. To be the best possible mom, i have to infuse my parenting with the personality, creativity, instincts and history that is uniquely mine. And sometimes, i fail miserably. I lose my patience. I yell. I threaten. Sometimes I simply expect too much. But i hope you know each day, I wake up hoping to do better, Hoping that i will come a little closer to being that ideal parent. Hoping that you will grow to be a resposible, caring adult despite my mistakes. Knowing I'm not perfect, but i'm working hard. Because you are worth it. And even on my best days, there will always be
room for improvement

Just thought i'd share, this says so much & really hits home, being a stay-at-home mom i constantly am trying to find balance between playtime, cleaning time, mommy time, mommy & daddy time.

A week in my Life {Morning Day 2}

alarm off 5 :45 am, crawl out of bed now.
Sleep a little bit crazy.

sock pile to fold-:(

homework done, to be put in book bags...

making lunches

Madilynn & Alyssa eating breakfast

my breakfast

tryin' hard..6 lbs lost~15 to go

my key to the outside world

dishes to be put away

dishes to be washed

Olivia is awake

those darn mosquito's, looks like she got beat up

Izzy's awake

Madilynn pulls her tooth out, minutes before we walk out the door

loading 'up

all buckled, ready , set, GO!!

another life necessity:)

following the bus

our last wave..

Hopefully post the rest of the day this evening....Never as exciting as the mornings-LOL

Monday, September 29, 2008

A week in my LIfe....

Ali Edwards is having a challenge on her blog right now to record your life for one week through pictures and words and then put a book together at the end . Since i emailed a few friends i now have my self commited -uhh!

Check it out here : http://aliedwards.typepad.com/

Started late this afternoon, since i really wasn't going to do this, soo i will have to get the McDonalds pics from somebody-LOL

Here goes my day
-Alarm off at 5 :45 am, could hear thunderstorm, hit snooze several times until 7am-yikes! Yes had to take the kids to school, no time to make the bus. (I am so not a morning person)
-Woke up Alyssa & Madilynn, Madilynn is dressed ready to go, before Alyssa even get's out of bed (she's not a morning person either).
-make lunches.
-7:35 am , get Isabelle & Olivia out of bed, carry to van.
-7:40 leave to take kids to school
-8:10 back home, eat with Isabelle & Olivia and read paper.
-8:30 decide to snuggle on couch & watch cartoons with girls, since it's such a icky rainy day. Talk to my friend Stacy. Get coozy on couch & maybe close my eyes for a bit ;)
-11 am shower, make beds, pick up a bit, baby proof for afternoon.
-Noon- eat lunch with girls
-2pm Tristan comes over (he' s walking), Feed Fish ~ look at laundry i need to put away:(
-3 pm load kiddos up in van to pick girls up from the bus stop.
-3:20 leave bus stop off to take Alyssa to Gymnastics practice.
-3.45 meet Megan to pick up canvas & have an icecream cone.
-4:00 home , help Madilynn do homework, play with kids
-5:15 Tristan leaves
-5:30 off to get Alyssa from gym practice, drop her off at my brothers so i can go pick up a Christmas gift, pick her up & get tacos for dinner.
-7:30 late dinner, help Alyssa with her homework, bed time routine (brush teeth, pj's)
-8:30 kids in bed (1 hour late)
-Call Megan to tell her i'm out of the challenge & she tells me she is uploading her photos to her blog~ so there you have it, i got suckered in, because i proposed this crazy idea?!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Woo Hoo~ check this out


now i just need to paint so i can hang it up & yes be totally inspired looking at it!!!!

{beautiful sweet}

i believe this paper came from my local scrapbook store Scrapaganza a long while ago, been holding onto it for the perfect pictures. I had to add some bling, Carolees Ting-a-lings, rhinestones, cs, & stazon


Journaling reads: "You" at 4~ love your smile-love how you are so carefree-love your giggle-
love watching your eyes-Love to know what your thinkin'?
Finally using some of my Scrapbook Expo goodies, these are SEI p.p. & embellies~ Dill Weed Collection, Scenic Route cs alpha stickers


Journaling reads: So your grown up for your britches, High School Musical is "the movie" now &
one of the characters "Sharpay" sings the song "Fabulous". As Megan took these pictures of you, you would sing it!
DCWV p.p., sequins,SU! cs, misc. rub-ons, metal tag( found in the gift section at Wally world)

Birthday Celebrations

Stampin UP! Stamps, glitter embossing powder, & versamark.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Limited Too Tour {WishBlade}

Finally had time to sit down & figure out my Wishblade, ohh the possibilities & lot's of learning-LOL. The Limited Too title is done with the Wishblade, the font i used didn't have dots for the eyes, when i was photographing it, the wheels were turning, maybe a few more rhinestones for those...
**Remember you can always click on the layouts if you want to see them bigger**

Shrek Party Coming Soon....

Believe it or not, Olivia is a Shrek fanatic & has chosen that for her 3rd Birthday theme........

Friday, September 19, 2008

September Club Projects

Decided to change things up this month, so i through a 12 x 12 layout in the mix, even a bonus~ a sketch from "our " challenge sheet:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Digi Layout ~{Nemo Party}

Free Digi kits from 2 peas-Thanks! Thanks again Megan for the help, i might be addicted already:)~ya think????

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just for Girls Craft Club

Woo Hoo, my first digi anything!!! Thankyouuuuuu Megan for all the help!! Been pondering this club thing for a long while now, the girls gave me the swift kick in the rear end i needed to get it going. Call me to reserve you're spot!!
Can't wait!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

10 pages=2 nights

Had some scrapppin' energy the last couple of nights, not my typical layouts, just quick & easy !! Still attempting to get caught up?