Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 of 2009

Thanks Megan & Robyn for the challenge & hopefully i can do the 2nd part of this challenge....

This one was fun, yet an important thing to be preserved... love me some Sassafrass

I like this one, because it wouldn't be a typical layout from me, i think it truely displays the mood

This was really fun b/c i got to go back down memory lane with my mom, recalling homes & addresses

this one was lots of fun b/c it made me step outside of my box & think about life

Reminds me how much i love to shop at Goodwill

loved the challenge of doing the squares/mini layouts(maybe has something to do with the Sassafrass too;))

first layout that i used tag packaging on

this is one of my fave pictures that Megan has taken & it was fun to use up old papers on this one

loved the bright colors & this just reminds me of how these two girls make 2 x the trouble, the messes, you name it..

a fun one of my daughter & her friends dressing up..


Chrispea said...

Love your top 10. Diesel fit her, that is just too cute!!!

Robyn said...

Love your layouts! I love how you use letter stickers/thickers/etc. in such cool ways! Gotta love typography!! :) Hugs girl!

The Grissoms' Page said...

Wow-I don't remember seeing most of these before. I love Goodwill and that "Diesel fit her" one got me! Great top 10!

meganklauer said...

Love these all and the diesel fit her still makes me wanna pee my pants laughing! So funny!

Posh Designs said...

Wow awesome top 10 all your LOs are fabulous! ~ Nini

Christine said...

Great picks for your Top 10!