Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can i Pick UR Toe Jam???

I know kinda gross, but hey it's all about the stories, right??

Journaling reads:
You & Isabelle are constantly taking off your shoes & socks off and picking out your "toe jam" aka sock fuzzies. On this particulur day you asked dad, "Can i pick ur toe Jam?" I say Yuck!!

October Afternoon goodies i purchased special for this lo in mind-LOL






meganklauer said...

Too funny! Oh shoot! I think I had paper I was going to give you for this page. So sorry!

The Grissoms' Page said...

This is hilarious!! I love the lo with this great story that they can laugh at for years to come!!

Tina Schadone said...

too funny! love it

A splash of Sherry said...

Oh my. I have to admit this one kind of gives me the owweeeys. But its a darn cute layout. lol

MeganAring said...

That is so funny, she'll be so embarrassed when she's 16!