Thursday, August 26, 2010

{ Heart } Xyron Laminate Cartridges = Fun Mad Scientist Birthday Party

I soo Love my Xyron machines..the laminating cartridge is just one of the many options for these handy machines available for the 510 model,900 model, and the new Creatopia. I found the laminating cartridge very handy in planning my daughter's Mad Scientist 10th Birthday Party this year and even used the permanent cartridge for making labels for treat bags & take home favors as well.

Used the Laminating cartridge for party favors, laminated recipe cards ~ the Squishy icecream that we made at the party ..soo they could make at home again :0)

It came in handy for the Experiment cards..instructions on one side & the reasoning on the other..made it perfect so they didn't get wet with any of the "magic chemicals"

I set up tables & had each party guest was at a station & after a few minutes we'd switch around the table

one of the stations i created a game..called mini molecules, i took closeup pictures
of everyday household items ..numbered the backs..laminated the pictures & they had to fill out their guesses for a chance to win a special prize.

My favorite part was the "lab coats" i got lucky at a local Salvation Army..i found womens white blouses..& i just happen to hit the store on a fill a bag for $5.oo sale..yep i got 16 shirts for $5.00. Me & my daughter came up with funny names taken off of the party guests names & created name tags..the laminating cartridge worked excellent for this too!

a few more fun pictures from the day...

the invitation..Moxxie's
Chillin' Out Line worked perfect for these

some decorations:

some fun...
i almost forgot my Xyron 250..sticker maker..i made labels on the computer for take home slime..magic worms & insta-snow..printed them out & ran them through my 250..instant stickers for their containers

the cake:


meganklauer said...

Your birthday parties are always so awesome right down to the little details!

Stacy said...

Your parties rock! Love it all :)