Monday, March 12, 2012

Making my comeback...;o)

after a long break due to my daughters illness see below we are finally establishing our new normal and i finally have my scappy desire back, woo hoo!....

posted from Olivia's Care Page August 18th:

Olivia started complaining of her neck hurting apx. 2 1/2 weeks ago,i took her to the chiro after the first couple of days and she got an adjustment.Still not feeling better the following week i contemplated taking her back to the chiro or calling the doctor,it was so hard she would have an okay day then complain the next...not wanting to eat,so we thought she was using her neck as an excuse.The last week she started complaining the front of her head hurt and she was randomly vomiting,laying around with no energy,my gut thing told me something was wrong, she should be feeling better after 2 1/2weeks, not worse. After a visit and call to the Pediatrician we were sent to the er,Olivia had a catscan of her head and neck and we soon recieved the news that Olivia had a tumor.We went by ambulance to Iowa City and are scheduled for surgery on Monday. Olivia is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor located on the most critical part of her brain and we have been told that they will not be able to remove all of it and will receive chemo. Please say a pray for our little girl and keep her in your thoughts. Olivia is our 5 year daughter, she has 3 sisters Alyssa, Madilynn, & Isabelle.Olivia was to start Kindergarten today.

If you are interested in following or catching up on Olivia's Journey, follow link above.


meganklauer said...

Welcome back Christina! You are an amazing mom, wife & friend. I'm so glad everything is on the mend and you are able to do something fun for yourself again! WooHoo!

Really Rach said...

Oh my, How is she? Only just stopped by your blog for first time in so long...x Said a prayer x