Monday, September 29, 2008

A week in my LIfe....

Ali Edwards is having a challenge on her blog right now to record your life for one week through pictures and words and then put a book together at the end . Since i emailed a few friends i now have my self commited -uhh!

Check it out here :

Started late this afternoon, since i really wasn't going to do this, soo i will have to get the McDonalds pics from somebody-LOL

Here goes my day
-Alarm off at 5 :45 am, could hear thunderstorm, hit snooze several times until 7am-yikes! Yes had to take the kids to school, no time to make the bus. (I am so not a morning person)
-Woke up Alyssa & Madilynn, Madilynn is dressed ready to go, before Alyssa even get's out of bed (she's not a morning person either).
-make lunches.
-7:35 am , get Isabelle & Olivia out of bed, carry to van.
-7:40 leave to take kids to school
-8:10 back home, eat with Isabelle & Olivia and read paper.
-8:30 decide to snuggle on couch & watch cartoons with girls, since it's such a icky rainy day. Talk to my friend Stacy. Get coozy on couch & maybe close my eyes for a bit ;)
-11 am shower, make beds, pick up a bit, baby proof for afternoon.
-Noon- eat lunch with girls
-2pm Tristan comes over (he' s walking), Feed Fish ~ look at laundry i need to put away:(
-3 pm load kiddos up in van to pick girls up from the bus stop.
-3:20 leave bus stop off to take Alyssa to Gymnastics practice.
-3.45 meet Megan to pick up canvas & have an icecream cone.
-4:00 home , help Madilynn do homework, play with kids
-5:15 Tristan leaves
-5:30 off to get Alyssa from gym practice, drop her off at my brothers so i can go pick up a Christmas gift, pick her up & get tacos for dinner.
-7:30 late dinner, help Alyssa with her homework, bed time routine (brush teeth, pj's)
-8:30 kids in bed (1 hour late)
-Call Megan to tell her i'm out of the challenge & she tells me she is uploading her photos to her blog~ so there you have it, i got suckered in, because i proposed this crazy idea?!

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meganklauerphotography said...

So glad you are doing this with me! It's so fun to so down and view our day bit by bit. But man does it show all the crap I need to get catch up on! :0)