Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A week in my Life {Morning Day 2}

alarm off 5 :45 am, crawl out of bed now.
Sleep a little bit crazy.

sock pile to fold-:(

homework done, to be put in book bags...

making lunches

Madilynn & Alyssa eating breakfast

my breakfast

tryin' hard..6 lbs lost~15 to go

my key to the outside world

dishes to be put away

dishes to be washed

Olivia is awake

those darn mosquito's, looks like she got beat up

Izzy's awake

Madilynn pulls her tooth out, minutes before we walk out the door

loading 'up

all buckled, ready , set, GO!!

another life necessity:)

following the bus

our last wave..

Hopefully post the rest of the day this evening....Never as exciting as the mornings-LOL

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meganklauerphotography said...

Oh, these are so great! They made me laugh so much! I can't wait to see the rest of the day!