Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 3.......

Slacking a bit, ahh just the pressure of adding something else to remember to do~ i'm still hanging in there & having fun or something like that?!

Tryin' to do things i may have missed in the previous days that are important too..

Alyssa not getting out of bed when she is suppose to, today i did a countdown or she was getting drug out of bedPhotobucket
Madilynn ready as usual & even got to squeeze in some Webkinz time before school (bonus for cooperating & even better she was playing a math game & practicing her addition skills)Photobucket
The morning commute to the bus stopPhotobucket
Mailing a few thankyousPhotobucketPhotobucket
self explanatory
a almost 2 x a day event, boy do we have garbage ( iknow what you're thinkin'~yes we need to start recycling)Photobucket
Breakfast time 7:45 am
The girls emptied their hampers
Off to run errands, 1st stop Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things for the Girls Craft Club
Then a stop at Goodwill, found a few dress up things in the costumes & picked up a couple books
Next stop Target b/c it will serve a dual purpose, we ran out of milk & we need to eat lunch
2:15 head to bus stop to get Alyssa & Madilynn, run home, get a little bit of homework done, run Alyssa to gymnastics, take her, drop off club to mom. Get home do more homework with Madilynn, leave get Alyssa, do homework with Alyssa, eat dinner & get ready for DT conference callPhotobucket
off to tackle this (the result of me tryin' to get some extra things done...)

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