Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 5...

Took quite a few pictures this morning, so i thought i'd post now & update the rest of the day later.....

The whole getting ready routine, this morning is was a late one, maybe i shouldn't of stayed up so late scrappin' last night~ that's okay just took the kids to school vs. riding the big ole' yellow bus.
Photobucketthe water bottle is a necessity around here to~makes hair time so much easierPhotobucket

Book order time againPhotobucket

Garbage DayPhotobucket

"Driving along in my automobile"
Photobucket the kids love to see the horses everyday!

drop off at school ( as i snapped this Alyssa says i have food in my mouth)-oops!

the route home....

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket riding in pj's in the best way to go...

maybe after a while?

FSBO~ hopefully by the end of the weekendPhotobucketPhotobucket

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions........
Alyssa played two seasons last year loved it~but has her heart & dedication to gymnastics~it's all good.
Madilynn wants to give it a try & even been practicing shooting the hoops in the driveway.
Nothing is official yet, i'll keep ya posted on their final decisions...

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