Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pride of the Wapsi

Thanks to my inlaws for watching Isabelle & Olivia, i got to enjoy Madilynn's last field trip of first grade with her, the class went to Long Grove, IA to the Strawberry Patch. Loads of fun!!!

these fella's were stinkin' up the place & decided to show the kids how they went to the bathroom, lot's of chuckles..

kitten's get me every time, aren't they soo cute!!

Madilynn was cracking me up, they had buddies, but her & her Best Friend kept managing to be together partner or not-LOL


Christine said...

Looks like a beautiful day for a field trip!! Yummy, a strawberry patch....I'd have had a hard time containing the urge to pick and eat a few!

A splash of Sherry said...

I loved field trips. Looks like you got lots of good pictures to scrap.

pardonmycaboose said...

It looks like such a fun day. And the kitten always get me too.